Terms of service

Okoatime, also known as Okoapesa, is an instruction fulfilment service provided by Remyitech Limited. Transactions can be concluded in the English language only.

Visiting the service websites(okoatime.co.ke, okoatime.com, okoapesa.co.ke, okoapesa.com) is entirely optional, free of charge, and without any obligation to enter into business with Remyitech Limited or to use any of Remyitech’s services.

The information or materials on this website are provided on an 'as is' basis only without warranties or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, including without limitations warranties of title, implied warranties and conditions of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability or non-infringement.

In no event shall Remyitech Limited be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special, or other consequential damages for any use of the service websites, including, without limitation, any losses or interruptions of commercial or collateral value, whether such damages are expressly advised or not.

In accordance with the following terms of service ('ToS'), Remyitech Limited, its subcontractors, agents, and/or representatives ('Remyitech' or 'we') specifies to you as an authorised user ('User' or 'you') of theservice websites the disclaimers, rules, conditions and scope of the instruction fulfillment service that we provide, and in return you agree to perform certain obligations.

The service websites provide a platform, whether you reside locally or abroad, to send instructions on your mega or most cherished projects which we then execute 100% with proof of completion. The instructions we support are limited to the categories listed on this website, which cover:

  • Verifying project status
  • Procuring of services
  • Procuring of supplies/goods
  • Delivery of supplies/goods

Please read these ToScarefully. They are binding and by your continued use of the website, you agree to be bound by these ToS. We reserve the right, at any time and in our sole discretion, to alter, suspend, or discontinue this website or these ToSwithout any notice and without any liability to you.

If you do not agree with these ToSand do not wish to be bound by them, please exit this website and do not use the website in the future.

To use this service you have to be registered. Only registered users are recognized as authorized users of the service. There is no obligation to register as an authorized user unless you agree with these ToS.

The service covers the entire country of Kenya and certain parts of the East African Community. However, we are not obliged to perform the service in all locations and you will be notified by email if we can deliver the service at the location you have specified.
The service is delivered within the working days and daylight working times in Kenya. Depending on your time zone, there is no guarantee that your telephone call or email will be answered instantly. However, we endeavour to return your calls or emails as soon as possible.

Okoatime cannot supply all the works, goods and services that you may seek. We contract authenticated, competent and authorized entities (suppliers, dealers, and service providers) to supply the works, goods and services. We take no responsibilities or liabilities for services offered by other third parties or companies.

You can also propose, appoint or designate a supplier, dealer or service provider of your choice to provide the works, goods and services you want. We will authenticate the status, procurement or delivery of your works, goods and services, and provide you with evidence attesting to that fact.

You pay Remyitech Limited a fee to attest your works, services and goods ('Service Fee').

You pay the supplier the costs of the works, services and goods ('Vendor Fee'). You can also choose to pay the Vendor Fee through Remyitech Limited. The Vendor Fee is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of works, services or goods requested, and other factors such as quantity, volume, weight, distance and form.

When you pay the Vendor Fee directly to the supplier, you must provide Remyitech Limited with evidence of the payment so we can begin to execute your instructions. Without evidence that you have actually paid the supplier of the works, services or goods you are seeking, we do not have the legitimacy to execute your instructions.

You cannot issue instructions on items, things, or people that are not associated with you or belong to you. We require evidence of ownership or payment for the works, goods and services as proof that you have the right to issue the instruction.

Works, goods and services once purchased from a supplier cannot be refunded. We therefore cannot refund you the Vendor Fee unless you cancel your instruction before we procure the works, services or goods that you seek. In this case, only Vendor Fee paid through Remyitech Limited shall be refunded to you as returned by the supplier less the cost of the return incurred by Remyitech Limited.

The refund of Vendor Fee that you paid directly to the supplier is not the business of Remyitech Limited and you will have to arrange for the refund by yourself.

If you cancel your instruction, the Service Fee can only be refunded to you if the instruction had not been executed at all. The Service Fee refund shall be less handling charges and the cost of return.

If we fail to complete the execution of the instruction due to a fault of your own, we shall refund you the Service Fee less the percentage execution already completed. Only this refund shall be at our cost.

All fees are quoted in United States Dollars (USD), and include the applicable VAT fee charged by the Government of Kenya.

The Okoatimeservice does not include project management, supervision, policing, or operation. The service ends at that point where the verification of the status of a project is complete, or the procurement and / or delivery of goods and / or services has been done and signed off by the assignee and / or beneficiary.

The service does not include and is not a money transfer or online payment solution or channel. Payment of the Service Fee and the Vendor Fee are therefore made through other means such as money orders, electronic funds transfer, bank wire transfers, and mobile money payment.

The instructions are executed only after the Service Fee has been received and evidence of payment of the Vendor Fee availed.

All appointments shall be made in mutual agreement with your assignee. The beneficiary will be informed of the appointments. Failure of the assignee and / or beneficiary to show up at the appointed time and location shall be at your cost.

Once the instruction has been fulfilled (100% executed), we will post to you a notice to close the instruction within the next 24 hours. Should you have any objections to close the instruction, please specify the exact nature of your objection within the closing period.If no objection to close the instruction is received from you within the 24 hours, the instruction will be deemed as satisfactorily completed and shall be closed automatically.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are actually at the right website and that you will not hold Remyitech Limited liable for transactions you enter on fake websites that resemble or imitate the Okoatime or Okoapesa service by look or by corruption of the domain name or both or by any other deceptive ways.

You agree to take all reasonable measures to safeguard and keep confidential your digital identity or credentials or attributes that you use to access the service and that we shall not be liable for transactions conducted on this website or any online service offered by Remyitech Limited by an imposter purporting to be you.

You agree to indemnify Remyitech Limited against any claims, costs, expenses, damages, or legal proceedings arising from your use of this website or in contravention of these Terms of Service (ToS) or other provisions on this website.

If Remyitech Limited is unable to fulfill any obligation under these ToS because of matters beyond its reasonable control, including without any limitations natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc), man-made disasters (wars, civil disorder, etc) or other disasters or governmental laws and regulations imposed or happening after a contractual relationship is entered, neither Remyitech Limited nor any of its services shall have any liability for that failure to perform.

Remyitech Limited is not under any obligation or duty to update or revise the information or materials on this website, and may only do so under its sole discretion and right.

You accept that information or materials on this website may at times be inaccurate or erroneous. However, we want to assure you that inaccurate or erroneous information or materials shall not be on purpose or by design, and we reserve the right to correct all inaccurate or erroneous information or materials including all transactions committed using erroneous or inaccurate information or materials.

In case your instruction was based on inaccurate or erroneous information on this website, which sometimes could happen but is not expected, we will inform you and ask whether you still wish to proceed with your order based on the accurate or correct information. In any case no loss shall accrue to you and you shall be liable to a full refund of the order in case you wish to cancel the order.
These Terms of Service and all transactions relating to this website and all non-contractual obligations arising from any transactions carried out on this website are governed by the laws of Kenya, and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Kenyan courts.

Additional terms and conditions may apply to special promotions, certain products, or categories of customers.

In the event of any dispute, disagreement, or claim arising from these ToS, a written notice of the dispute, disagreement or dispute must first be served to the other party and a period not exceeding 30 working days from the stamped receipt date of the notice be provided to settle the dispute, disagreement, or claim. Such dispute, disagreement or claim notice shall be sent to the known registered address of the other party and the stipulated time allowed to settle or resolve the dispute, disagreement, or claim prior to initiating any litigation or filing any claim against the other party in court.

These ToS take effect immediately you continue to use this website and terminate as soon as you are in breach of any of the terms of these User Terms, or by a notice at any time by you or by Remyitech Limited. The obligations and liabilities of the parties incurred prior to the termination of these ToS shall be binding beyond the date of the termination.

Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected by these Terms of Service whatsoever.

If a court of competent jurisdiction declares any part of these Use Terms as invalid or enforceable, that provision shall be severable, and the validity of the remainder of these User Terms shall not be affected by the court declaration.

Your submission of personal data through this website shall be governed by our Privacy Policy, which you can read here Privacy Policy.

Unless otherwise stated, this website and all materials on the website, including without limitations text, business or domain names, graphics, marks, are owned copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and intellectual property of Remyitech Limited, whether registerable or not in any jurisdiction of the world. All mentioned service and company names are brands of the particular owner and you shall not make any commercial or unlawful copying, editing, download, publication, modification, representation, or wrongful use of them.