Construction status

Agricultural projects


Delivery support services

Project status verification

From verifying the status of connecting your rural homestead to the national electricity grid or clean water pipeline, to checking on the wellbeing of your family, verifying the status of your property development or agricultural project, we support you to know the actual status of your most cherished projects.

Delivery of goods

If you have goods or supplies you wish to deliver, such as your construction materials, farming supplies, event supplies, household goods or office supplies, you can rely on us to ensure that the supplies are actually delivered to the site and to the right person in entirety.

Procurement of supplies

You want to ensure that the supplies you order for your construction or agricultural project, event, office or household furnishing are to your specifications and the correct quantity, then procure through us. You will be sure of the transaction as if you had procured the supplies by yourself.

Procurement of services

We procure services for you or your loved ones back home, be it medical or health care, education, business registration, real estate, travel and tourism, or financial service. You do not have to worry that you are far away, we engage locally on your behalf with trusted and reliable service providers.